How Does Sun Bets Affiliate Tracking Work?

For full details of Sun Bets’ affiliate tracking, please refer to the attribution policy section of the Terms & Conditions for the most up to date attribution policy.

At February 1st, 2017, the attribution policy is:
Sun Bets assigns customers to marketing channels (including Affiliates) on a last click basis. For clarity, a particular customer will be assigned to the marketing channel (or Affiliate) whose corresponding link the customer clicks on most recently, prior to registering an account with Sun Bets, as long as the user registers within 30 days of clicking on the particular link. Marketing IDs (also known as Affiliate IDs) will last for 30 days, unless overwritten by another marketing tracker.

Sun Bets stores data regarding marketing IDs through using local storage tracking. Where promotion codes are manually entered by the customer, (used for Sun Bets’ marketing channels, (including, but not limited to television, press and ad-hoc marketing campaigns)), marketing IDs associated with the promotion code will be assigned to the customer. If a valid promotion code is entered by the customer on sign-up, this would overwrite any existing marketing IDs.