How Is Commission Calculated?

The commission you will be paid is Net Revenue x Applicable Rate, where net revenue is gross turnover minus deductions (the money paid out to customers, plus Sun Bets’ costs). We offer a market leading 30% revenue share across all of our products, with no negative carryover.

Sun Bets’ deductions are accurate representations of Sun Bets’ true costs. There are no surprise “admin fees” or suchlike. Due to non-disclosure agreements with suppliers we are unable to provide exact details in regards to certain deductions.

Currently Sun Bets’ deductions are:
* General Betting Duty / Remote Gaming Duty (15% of Gross Profit)
* Horse Racing Levy (10.8% of Horse Racing Gross Profit)
* Product Fees (e.g variable progressive jackpot contributions, gaming and software fees)
* Bonus Bet Costs (Variable)
* Electronic Payment Fees (Between £0.04 and £1.30 per deposit/withdrawal)
* ID verification fee on new registrations (£0.10)