Digital Fuel Announce Affiliate Management Deal with Tabcorp

05/01/2017 admin

New Sun Bets Affiliate Programme in Good Hands with Digital Marketing Specialists

London, United Kingdom (February 8, 2016) – Digital Fuel Marketing Ltd (“Digital Fuel”) announced today that the company has signed a two-year partnership deal with wagering giant Tabcorp to manage the all-new Sun Bets Affiliate Programme.

CEO Toby Oddy stated today that Digital Fuel has secured an exclusive 24-month contract to provide Tabcorp with strategic direction and general management of their new-to-market affiliate offering, Sun Bets Affiliates.

Digital Fuel’s team has over ten years’ affiliate marketing experience, and a wealth of wider marketing expertise within the betting and gaming industry. They have been instrumental in the establishment of Sun Bets Affiliates in the lead up to launch and the integration of the programme on the platform.

The digital marketing specialists now also assume full management responsibilities for the Sun Bets affiliate marketing business, bringing to the table dedicated client support, industry insight and demonstrated experience to deliver the results Tabcorp expects from its new venture.

The MyAffiliates platform is the blue ribbon standard when it comes to affiliate functionality, and is a market leader amongst iGaming operators.

“Integrating MyAffiliates into the Sun Bets Affiliate mix was a no-brainer. It has provided us the flexibility to customise our approach to affiliate management, and delivered the detailed and transparent reporting we demand for our client, Sun Bets, and for the benefit of affiliates and partners. We look forward to making the Sun Bets Affiliate Programme shine as a key player in the iGaming affiliate market,” said Oddy.

General Manager, Clemence Dujardin of MyAffiliates commented, “It’s a true pleasure to partner with the highly respected Digital Fuel team, and to be involved with Sun Bets at such a pivotal and formative time for the brand. To be providing the third-party software platform deemed robust and innovative enough for the Sun Bets Affiliates project, along with partners who we know to have the same strong client service focus as us, is a proud day for MyAffiliates.”

At launch, the Sun Bets Affiliate Programme is offering a competitive 30% Rev Share deal with no negative carryover on both sports and casino referrals. Affiliate marketers who sign up to promote the Sun Bets brand will quickly discover a system that offers affiliate partners:

* An unrivalled level of reporting with hourly updates of registrations and depositors.
* A more detailed breakdown of statistics on customer activity than any other platform.
* Exclusive and innovative offers and promotions designed to attract new players.
* Easy access to more marketing content.

The Sun Bets online sportsbook and casino debuted in the UK and Ireland in August 2016. Its affiliate programme will prove an attractive proposition for affiliate partners, not least of all because it is built on the leading reputation of two commanding brands: the gaming and wagering giant Tabcorp and The Sun newspaper, the UK’s most iconic media title.

Digital Fuel will be in attendance at the London Affiliate Conference (LAC) in February 2017, but affiliates can sign up now. For full details of the affiliate partner offering, go to